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Story of Hospitality Videos

Here they are…. the hotel owner Don Martinelli with his manager Camillio. Don Martinelli owns a beautiful beachfront hotel in Costa Paradiso..…Where? Well, somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, and the rest I leave to your imagination.

Over the last few years, he has noticed that his business has been slowing down, his manager blames the economy and the political situation but he thinks differently, Camillio believes as long as the sun is shining, and the water is blue, the tourists will keep coming.

But Don Martinelli has heard many times from various tour operators that today’s customers require a higher level of service and quality, not just sun and sandy beaches.

One of the tour operators suggested that he should visit a top hotel in Europe and find out how they run their business in a more professional manner.

Our camera was witness to their stay in Europe and the result is what you see in our hospitality training films.


European Virtual Training offers you a world standard of hospitality programmes which is realized under the supervision of the European Institution of Hospitality.

These programmes will improve your employees’ performance, efficiency and customer service and at the same time will benefit your company.

These DVD’s which are made for management and operational employees, are educative, easily explained and even humorous.

These programmes do benefit the staff of all kind of levels in the hospitality industry, are very educative, easily explained, besides very professional and even humoristic.

These programmes are completed under the supervision of the European Institution of Hospitality of Switzerland and The Netherlands.

The hospitality training programmes are shot and digital mastered and are in English language. The average length of DVD’s per programme is prox.50 minutes and are available in PAL – SECAM – NTSC.

European Hospitality Virtual Training presents the following programmes


  • Hospitality service desk
  • Human Resources & Interviewing
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Seminars, Banquets a & Events
  • Front desk
  • Internet Reservation & Room division,
  • Concierge & Bell boy service
  • Hotel Security, Guest protection & Key Control,
  • Housekeeping
  • Basic Pastries
  • Delicious Tarts
  • Basic food & art of Potatoes
  • Christmas & Candlelight Dinner
  • Creative Meat dishes
  • Creative Seafood dishes
  • Poultry

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